Etiquette around the Roulette Table

Because the roulette table is where many casino goers huddle up and play, it is quite obvious that there is a form of social interaction. And when there is social interaction, there is this required etiquette, sort of an invisible code of how others should act. The roulette table hosts a form of social interaction, so there is also a need for roulette etiquette.

Roulette etiquette teaches you how to act when you are playing by the roulette table. Therefore, here are some rules of the roulette etiquette:

Social courtesy comes first in roulette etiquette. Like any other forms of social gathering, it is expected that you respect other people's enjoyment as well. Refrain from screaming or cheering too loud while the wheel is spinning. Do not move jerkily to avoid stepping on other people's toes. Refrain from making any unnecessary comments all the time.

Roulette etiquette also dictates you to respect the dealer. Therefore, refrain from making any untoward comments about the dealer. It is also very foolish to blame him for a random and uncontrollable outcome, such as a losing streak.

On the roulette table, the dealer is the boss - it is he or she who announces when the bets should or should not be placed. In other words, the dealer is the one who maintains order throughout the game, and you are expected to value this duty. When the dealer announces "No more bets", do not attempt to even rush some last-minute reductions or additions to your chips. And when the ball has landed on a pocket, do not touch your chips while the dealer pays the winners. Doing so might lead to your forced departure from the casino.

There are also some rules of roulette etiquette regarding some chips. Before you join the roulette table, make sure you have traded your casino chips for special, color-coded chips. These color-coded chips are required so as to avoid confusion when giving out the winnings. Therefore, recognize that you have your own chips. Trying to combine chips with other players to meet the minimum bet is absolutely a no-no.

Lastly, you are also expected to give something to the dealer after you have experienced a winning streak. Keep in mind that dealers do not partake in any of the casino's profits - they just receive their salary like an average employee does. In other words, your token of appreciation - or tip - goes along way for the dealer.

Roulette etiquette is a requirement among the players who play roulette at the casino. Remember that the rules of roulette etiquette or any other form of etiquette can be summed into two words - sensitivity and respect. Just apply these two things and you might not just win some chips, but some new friends as well!