Will of Fortune: Devising a Personal Roulette System

There are many different roulette systems found on the Internet, each guaranteeing big winnings at the wheel when applied. Unfortunately, they don't come cheap, and one would have to pay up about as much money as they had hoped to win in order to learn them. The best systems are the ones where the player does the lion's share of the work. Making up one's own system offers better odds of winning than anything bought online.

Most Internet-available roulette systems claim that they work because of a mathematical system that predicts where the ball lands. The truth is that this is mathematically impossible and improbable. Even if a ball just happens to land on the same slot more than once, there is always a 50/50 chance that the ball will land on the other slots of the wheel. Roulette is a form of gambling, and gambling is a game of chance. There is no exact science in calculating chance, certainly not the odds presented at the roulette wheel.

In formulating an effective personal roulette system, it is important to play the roulette table with the best odds for winning. Between the American Roulette table and the European Roulette table, there are better odds at the European Roulette since it has 37 slots instead of the American Roulette's 38 slots.

Use the bet with odds that are close to their respective payouts. There is a 45 percent chance of winning, and its 1 to 1 payout will sustain the player longer on the Even-Money bet.

One makes the ultimate bet by taking advantage of the European roulette table's en prison. The player does not lose their bet when the ball lands on zero while they are using the Even-Money bets. The bet is instead put on hold and carried to the next spin. Once the bet wins, the player can have it removed from the table, and the house's edge is cut in half and is only 1.35 percent.

This is in all probability the best roulette system that can work for anyone. There are better odds of winning using this system than in any of the other systems that can be purchased off the net. No complicated mathematical calculations to be made; no need to spend precious time hanging out at the roulette tables to collect data. One shouldn't have to be too concerned with making a study of the game to actually enjoy playing it.